Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Writing

I have been taking this little course called Sparkles. Its a little spark for your creativity in just five minutes a day. Sometimes it is art or photography and today it was all about writing. They had a list of prompts to go with your initials. Mine were: heavy rain, a kind old man, the smell of chlorine. So I went with it. It is the first free write I have done in a long time. It needs work as all free writes do but I think I will post it in the yahoo group. I had more fun writing this little piece than anything I've done in some time. All my writing is in the should category and right now I think I need more in the fun category. How about you have you written anything for fun?

1 comment:

  1. Morganna, How did you made out with the Sparkles course? I've been writing over at DWP since the beginning of the year and i'm looking for more ways to help instill the habit of writing. I have written for a number of prompts and i've got some poems and other writing on my blog if your interested in seeing what i've written for FUN lately.